Sergio Tejera


Club: Chelsea
Position: Cental Midfield
Date of Birth: May 28th 1990
Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 180cm
Previous Club(s): RCD Espanyol

Ranking: 26
Previous Rankings:

The Player

Everyone wants themselves a gifted Spanish midfielder, especially since the emergence of a then 17 year-old Francesc Fabregas at Arsenal. Chelsea’s search came to fruition in 2006 with the signing of Sergio Tejera from Espanyol, right under the noses of rivals Barcelona, who had courted the left-footed technician.

He came over as a winger or attacking midfielder with a slender frame and a noticeable lack of strength. Inevitably, it took him some time to assert himself enough physically to have a major impact on games, but when given time and space, he had the vision and ability to pull off anything, scoring a wonder goal at Southampton. He also proved himself something of a set piece master, being a constant threat from free kicks.

2007/08 saw a bit of a change for him though, as he was lined up in a deeper central midfield role, very similar to that of Fabregas. It was a big gamble based on his physical shortcomings, but turned out to be one of the best decisions Chelsea’s academy staff have made. From deeper he saw a lot more of the ball and used it superbly, having a constant effect on games, and combined with his growing physical development, seemed a lot more at home in the English game. He absolutely starred in the run to the FA Youth Cup Final and was Chelsea’s best player in the Final.

At the end of the campaign he was part of Chelsea’s Right to Play tour to Israel and Jordan, celebrating his 18th birthday out there. His place amongst the party indicates Chelsea’s faith in him as a person and a player, as they have traditionally taken their most highly rated players on such excursions. Tejera’s star is bright, and it’s only just beginning to burn.


Tejera initially impressed at the start of the season, looking good for the Reserves and standing out when training with the first team. Injuries then ruled him out for a spell, before January brought about a return home to Spain, on loan to Real Mallorca. Reports suggest Mallorca have an option to sign Sergio at the end of the season for some €650,000, which if true would be a strange decision on Chelsea’s part. He was expected to become a part of Mallorca’s B team and occasionally press for a place in the first team squad, but that failed to materialise in the short term. His future is up in the air, despite his talent.


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