Dani Pacheco


Club: Liverpool
Position: Attacking Midfield/Striker
Date of Birth: January 5th 1991
Place of Birth: Malaga, Spain
Height: 169cm
Previous Club(s): Malaga, Barcelona

Ranking: 28
Previous Rankings:

The Player

For one so young, Daniel Pacheco Lobato has moved around a fair amount. He joined Spanish giants Barcelona from his home-town Malaga on the Southern coastline, but followed the paths of Fabregas, Piqué, Mérida and others in seeking his fortune in England rather than Catalonia. Liverpool’s scattergun approach to academy success included the capture of Pacheco – who is half Czech through his mother – to join their multi-national youth ranks.

It is, however, undeniable that the Spanish influence at Liverpool has taken over from the local, bootroom-led philosophy of eras bygone. That’s perhaps unsurprising given the manager’s nationality, and Pacheco will have looked at that alongside the presence of fellow Spaniards throughout the club and considered this his best chance. For Liverpool, they’re merely happy to acquire a sublimely skilled attacking player who Barcelona described as a “great loss” and “a forward with a lot of quality”.

Like many short players, what he lacks in height he makes up for in skill and trickery. He operates best just behind a striker or two, where he can dribble into space and utilise his creative assets. It’s an asset Liverpool really lack in their first team right now, especially from deep, and there’s been an understandable clamour from many fans to see more from him. They probably won’t have long to wait.


After an impressive pre-season with the first team where Pacheco was arguably the best player in red in at least two outings, he went back to the Reserves to continue his development with the defending Reserve Champions. However, it’s been a poor season for Gary Ablett’s team, which hasn’t helped the youngster much, but that won’t detract from his own personal development, which appears to be going just nicely.


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