The Concept

The concept of this blog is one that probably needs explaining. The idea of a prospects list isn’t a new one – fans across the world have names they know and follow for years. Personally, I started doing them properly whilst posting at hfboards, where existing lists were found for a multitude of leagues from some very knowledgable people. Taking inspiration from a French friend, I’ve decided to take my list further, to this site, and keep regular updates of progress.

Due to the nature and criteria of the list – which is explained at the top of ‘the prospects’ page – there’ll be quite a turnover in the names annually. During the season you can expect regular updates on the current top 50, which will be updated during the season. When names move on, they’ll be kept archived in ‘the graduates’ section for reference.

Not everyone can be pleased and I imagine there’ll be comments along the lines of “where’s ?”, which is part of the fun of it. Names emerge over a season and make their way into the list, and existing occupants of a place drop off and fail to live up to their previous standing. It’s an inexact science but over time, I can only hope to have more hits than misses.


4 responses

1 05 2009
Neli G

theres one name id really like featured, Keirrison of Palmeiras. he is phenomenal, and is surely going to one of the top clubs in europe shortly, and will certainly become one of the best in the world.

11 05 2009
Art E

You should rename your blog ‘football Premiership prospects’. Theres a good few youngsters about in the lower leagues.

11 05 2009

That’s as maybe, and there’ll be some featuring in coming lists, but I look at England’s Under 17 team right now, at the likes of Jed Steer, Eddie Oshodi, Tom Parkes, and they’re just not as good as players in the top 50 right now.

There’s also the fact that at lower levels the players get exposed to first team football a lot earlier, meaning that they become ineligible under my criteria. Someone like Nathaniel Clyne or Kyle Naughton would’ve had a very strong look, except they’re playing.

11 06 2009

Great work again Juni!

So you are running this blog alone or have you roped in some other contributors as well?

How much Chelsea stuff can we expect here or is it going to be more balanced?

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