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22 06 2009

fprospectsWith the summer providing some quieter time, and less things to report on whilst players are on holiday, it’s time to think about the future and the direction this site will be taking.

As readers will be aware, the main focus of the site has been surrounding the concept of the Top 50 players, with bits and pieces elsewhere. What you’re going to see as we go forward is less of a focus on the Top 50 – although the list will still exist and will be updated in August – and more coverage from a wider perspective. This should see more information on youth and reserve results and performances from across the country, throughout the season. It will remain Anglo-centric for the most part, but major international tournaments will be covered in depth, as you may have seen with the Toulon and European Under-17 Championships so far this summer. This should allow a larger scope of interest and readership, whilst keeping track of the best youngsters ready to make the step up to professional football.

If anyone has anything they’d like to see more of on the site, or less of, or a direction to take, please by all means leave a comment. Thanks for your readership, and I hope you continue to enjoy Football Prospects.




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23 06 2009
Neli G

excellent stuff

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